The tree ferns are arborescent (tree-like) ferns that grow with a trunk elevating the fronds above ground level, making them trees. Most tree ferns are members of the “core tree ferns”, belonging to the families Cyatheaceae (scaly tree ferns), DicksoniaceaeMetaxyaceae, and Cibotiaceae in the order Cyatheales. It is estimated that Cyatheales originated in the early Jurassic,[1][2] and is the third group of ferns known to have given rise to tree-like forms. The others are the extinct Tempskya of uncertain position,[3] and Osmundales where the extinct Guaireaceae and some members of Osmundaceae also grew into trees. In addition there was the Psaroniaceae and Tietea in the Marattiales, which is the sister group to true ferns.